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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Criticized Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) For Connections To Controversial PAC Activity:

"Hillary Rodham Clinton Yesterday Accused Barack Obama Of Possible Federal Campaign Finance Violations After The Illinois Senator Steered $176,000 From His Pet Political Action Committee Into The Key Primary States Of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada And South Carolina." (Glenn Thrush, "Clinton: Obama Campaign Misused PAC Funds," [New York] Newsday, 11/27/07)

Clinton Campaign: "[I]t was surprising to learn that he [Obama] has been using his PAC in a manner that appears to be inconsistent with the prevailing election laws." (Matthew Mosk, "Clinton Critiques Obama PAC," The Washington Post's "The Trail" Blog,, 11/26/07)

Earlier This Year, The FEC Passed "Third Largest Fine" In History Against Group With Ties To Hillary's Campaign:

FEC Fined America Coming Together, An Influential Liberal PAC, $775,000 For Violating Campaign Finance Laws In 2004. "The Federal Election Commission has fined one of the last cycle's biggest liberal political action committees $775,000 for using unregulated soft money to boost John Kerry and other Democratic candidates during the 2004 elections. America Coming Together (ACT) raised $137 million for its get-out-the-vote effort in 2004, but the FEC found most of that cash came through contributions that violated federal limits." (Kenneth P. Vogel, "Soros-Linked Group Hit With Huge Fine," The Politico, 8/29/07)

"The Penalty ... Is The Third Largest Fine Ever Levied By The FEC." ("FEC Fines Political Group From 2004 Race," The Associated Press, 8/29/07)

Longtime Clinton Adviser, Harold Ickes, Was Chief Of Staff For America Coming Together During 2004 Campaign Cycle. "Ickes, the chief of staff of ACT and former director of The Media Fund, is a member of the executive committee of the Democratic National Committee." (James V. Grimaldi and Thomas B. Edsall, "Super Rich Step Into Political Vacuum," The Washington Post, 10/17/04)

Ickes Is Now Volunteering As "Adviser To The Campaign Manager" On Hillary's Presidential Campaign. "The Clintons are back on war footing, and Harold Ickes is back at the center of things. Ickes is technically a volunteer for the campaign known as Hillary for President. His title, carefully chosen in a world with intricate internal politics, is 'Adviser to the Campaign Manager.'" (Ben Smith, "Hillary's Hammer Returns," The Politico, 4/18/07)

"A Deputy Chief Of Staff In The Clinton White House Who Once Worked For Ex-Mayor David Dinkins, Ickes Joined Clinton's First Senate Race, And Remains Crucial To Her Operations." ("Hillary's Team," [New York] Daily News, 1/21/07)

And Last Week, The FEC Also Fined The Media Fund, Another Ickes-Run Group, For Illegal Advertisements In The 2004 Election:

The FEC Fined Media Fund $580,000 For Illegal Advertisements In 2004. "A union-financed advocacy group that played a major role in the 2004 elections has agreed to pay a $580,000 fine after the Federal Election Commission concluded it illegally ran advertising against President Bush and in favor of Democrat John Kerry. In an agreement announced Monday, the FEC said the now inactive Media Fund spent $53.4 million during the contest on television, radio and newspaper ads and direct mail that made reference to Bush or Kerry." (Jim Kuhnhenn, "FEC Fines Group Allied With Democrats," The Associated Press, 11/19/07)

"[T]he Media Fund ... [Is] A George Soros-Funded Group Run By Clinton Political Guru Harold Ickes." (Ian Bishop, "Hill's $5m Ad-Vantage," New York Post, 10/20/06)

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