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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hillary Calls 'Time Out'

From The Wall Street Journal

November 14, 2007

Her fellow Democrats keep trying to pin Hillary Clinton down on the issues, but they seem only to be driving her to even greater feats of triangulation. Take the Senator's position on trade agreements, which she and her husband championed in the 1990s but which she has, well, you figure it out.

[T]he former first lady finally announced that she'd support the U.S.-Peru trade agreement... But then on Monday in Iowa, speaking to the United Auto Workers, she declared that if elected President she would call a "time out" on trade deals. ...

Mrs. Clinton is trying to have it several different ways, signaling to business that she remains open to trade deals, while telling labor that she's more protectionist than her husband. Her "time out" ploy is one more example of how she wants to disguise her real beliefs until she's elected.

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