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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

EDWARDS: Coming January 3, 2008: Edwards Campaign Unveils Movie Trailer

December 18, 2007

Audrey Waters


New video promotes "Caucus Command Center" website to organize supporters and precinct captains

Des Moines, Iowa – Building on its growing momentum in Iowa following the endorsement of Iowa First Lady Mari Culver, today the Edwards campaign unveiled a theatrical trailer that encourages caucus goers to take action and make John Edwards our next President. The trailer, narrated by well-known voiceover artist and Edwards supporter George DelHoyo, is a new organizational tool to drive undecided caucus goers and supporters to the campaign’s Caucus Command Center, where they can learn more about Edwards and get all the information they need to caucus for him on January 3rd.

In addition to encouraging Iowans to visit the Caucus Command Center, the trailer also shows caucus goers the great possibilities for our country with Edwards as President and discusses the special power that Iowans have to make the big changes America needs. It encourages Iowans to join the Edwards team and help bring big change to our country. The trailer stars John Edwards, as well as his wife Elizabeth, and children, Cate, Jack and Emma Claire.

“This fun and inspiring trailer is another creative tool from our campaign to energize supporters and make sure they are ready to caucus and put John Edwards in the White House,” said Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Iowa State Director. “We are always looking for innovative and exciting new ways to spread John Edwards’ vision of One America. As the caucuses get closer, our campaign is doing everything it can to reach out to undecided caucus goers and make sure our supporters are prepared to caucus for John Edwards.”

The trailer is posted on the Caucus Command Center ( and is being emailed to supporters throughout Iowa and across the country by acclaimed actor Kevin Bacon. In the email, Bacon encourages Iowans to share the video, and their support for Edwards, with their friends, family and neighbors.

Last week, as part of Edwards’ successful eight-day “Main Street Express” bus tour, the campaign launched two other successful organizing tools to reach out to undecided caucus goers: “Six Degrees of John Edwards,” and the “John Edwards Book Club.” The Six Degrees of John Edwards program encouraged supporters to take action and engage undecided caucus goers in Edwards’ campaign. The John Edwards Book Club encourages supporters to invite their undecided friends and family to get together and discuss Edwards’ 80-page policy book, “The Plan to Build One America.”

To watch the video, please visit A higher quality version of the video can be downloaded at:


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