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Saturday, December 15, 2007

THOMPSON: Mitt Romney Has Decided To Be The Arbiter Of What's "Republican" or Not, How Ironic...

Today, Governor Romney lashed out at Governor Huckabee for being un-Republican, saying:

"I can't believe he'd say that. I'm afraid he's running from the wrong party...I had to look again...did this come from Barack Obama or from Hillary Clinton? Did it come from John Edwards? No, it was Governor Huckabee.'" (Jim Kuhnhenn, "Romney Slams Huckabee's Critique of Bush Foreign Policy," Associated Press, 12/15/07)

However, Mitt Romney has a long record of running from the Republican Party when politically expedient.

Consider Romney's Previous Comments:

"I'm not running as the Republican view or a continuation of Republican values. That's not what brings me to the race." (Romney Video,, accessed 9/19/07)

"I wasn't a Ronald Reagan conservative." (Mitt Romney In Interview with Marc Ambinder, "Romney Explains Himself," National Journal, 2/9/07)

"Look, I was an Independent during the time of Reagan/Bush. I am not trying to return to Reagan/Bush." (Mitt Romney, 1994 Senate Debate, Boston, MA, 10/25/94)
Watch For Yourself:

Romney on the Contract With America - "Not A Good Idea" and "A Mistake"
Watch For Yourself:

"Hillary Clinton Is Very Much Right, It Does Take A Village, And We Are A Village And We Need To Work Together In A Non-Skeptical, Non-Finger-Pointing Way..." ("For City Problems, Future Solutions," The Boston Globe, 3/1/98)

"I'm not convinced that a state would be better off with all Republicans. As a matter of fact, I've been in a state like that for the last three years. It's not a good thing." (Romney Video,, accessed 9/19/07)

"I've lived in a place that has had one party state that was primarily Republican. I thought well won't that be nice? The answer is no." (Romney Video,, accessed 9/19/07)

"I'm very clear I think, to the people across the Commonwealth - my "R" didn't stand so much for Republican as it does for reform." (Romney Video,, accessed 9/19/07)

"It's always a burden for someone to run with "R" for Republican after their name." (Romney Video,, accessed 9/19/07)

Romney called himself a "sensible" Republican, in contrast to pro-life social conservatives. "After completing the [NARAL] questionnaire, Romney met with three NARAL executives. In this meeting, NARAL executives recount, Romney evidenced no hesitation about his pro-choice views... those present recall that Romney argued that his election would make him credible in the Republican party nationally and thus help "sensible" Republicans like him overshadow more conservative elements in the GOP." (Jennifer Rubin, "Mitt Romney's Conversion," Weekly Standard, 2/5/07)

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