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Monday, December 10, 2007

Excerpt From Mayor Giuliani’s Press Availability

Excerpt From Mayor Giuliani’s Press Availability,
San Francisco, CA

December 10, 2007

MAYOR GIULIANI: “Right now, I think the most important thing we could do to reinforce the dollar, to build our economy, to take care of some of the problems that people see creeping into the economy, I think it would be a really bold move if the President would reduce the corporate tax from the present 35%, which is the second highest in the world, reduce it down to 25%.

“That would leave more money in your pocket ultimately. What it would do is it would bring more jobs to the United States, it would keep more jobs in the United States, it would reverse the flow of outsourcing, it would reverse the flow of money, it would put more liquidity in our economy. I can’t tell you how much it would help right now, particularly given the things that Secretary Paulson is trying to do to help with the sub-prime issue and trying to get people more time. If that action were taken right now it would, I think, go a long way to strengthen our economy and help, in a place like California, which is our biggest state, our biggest economy beyond the United States, and one where the amount of money we leave in your economy has a lot to do with your ability to grow. And this would be another way of reducing the amount that you’re all seeing going to Washington. It would stay here with businesses in California, which they could use to build more jobs, create a much better future for everyone. And these are the kinds of bold steps that we need if we’re going to be a country that continues to prosper, continues to grow, and takes advantage of the global economy.”

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