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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Richardson Disappointed by Senate AMT Vote

Richardson Disappointed by Senate AMT Vote
For Immediate Release
December 6, 2007
Contact: Tom Reynolds

SANTA FE, NM-- New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson today released the following statement:

"I am disappointed that Senators Obama, Clinton, Dodd and Biden failed to show up for today's important vote on the Alternative Minimum Tax. This legislation could provide needed relief for Americans straining under the pressure of George Bush's failed economic policies.

"Woody Allen once said that, '80% of success is showing up.' I don't know if the same applies to leadership but I know you can't persuade anyone or shape the debate unless you try.

"As President I will get rid of the Alternative Minimum Tax for middle income workers and I pledge to always show up and fight for the middle class."

Paid for by Richardson for President, Inc.

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