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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bill Richardson Calls on Congress to Investigate Use of Torture and Destruction of CIA Tapes

Bill Richardson Calls on Congress to Investigate Use of Torture and Destruction of CIA Tapes
For Immediate Release
December 11, 2007
Contact: Tom Reynolds

SANTA FE, NM-- New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson today issued the following statement regarding the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on the destruction of CIA videotapes of interrogation techniques used against a terror suspect:

"It is imperative that Congress get to the bottom of the CIA torture tapes scandal. The American people deserve to know whether laws were violated and whether the President was directly involved in illegal activities. Torture is a black and white moral issue. A failure to act decisively in this case will be an unacceptable failure of leadership.

"Thirteen months after winning back the House and Senate, the Democratic Congress simply has not done enough to remedy this administration's blatant disregard for the Constitution and laws of the United States. They failed to block an Attorney General nominee who equivocated on torture. They have taken no action on the International Criminal Court. They have implemented no mechanism, such as a Special Prosecutor, to provide for high-level accountability. They failed to restore habeas corpus. They have done literally nothing to enforce the Constitution and/or any of our laws against torture.

"America's reputation, liberties, and moral leadership continue to be assaulted by Vice President Cheney and President Bush. If this Congress again fails to get to the bottom of these outrages, I will begin serious investigations as President on January 20th, 2009. We can and must find out who is responsible. If necessary, there will be prosecutions. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW."

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